Croquetas: A Bite-Sized Goodness

Croquetas: A Bite-Sized Goodness


They are are popular as a tapa, but they are the perfect dish for any occasion. Croquetas are a fantastic combination of  bechamel sauce (olive oil, butter, flour, and milk) enriched with other ingredients such as cod, cheese, ham and deep-fried to crispy perfection.


They are very popular in Spain although have their origin in traditional French cuisine. There are stories telling that the creator of croquetas was Louis Bechamel who was King Louis XIV's chef de cuisine. It is said that he created the sauce that bears his name. He is also known as the father of croquettes. After that each country adopted the recipe with some differences.



Our croquetas are handmade in the Basque country using only the very best all-natural ingredients.

The filling- bechamel- is made with fresh milk and the extra virgin olive oil and high quality ingredients such as cod, manchego cheese, idiazazabal cheese, carabinero red king prawn and many more!


We made it easy for you! You will just need a couple of minutes to get them ready. The croquetas must be fried without defrosting. 

 Heat the oil at 190 ° C and not put too much quantity in the fryer basket. If you put too many, the temperature of the oil drops and they end up cooking and breaking. Keep them around 3-4 min. 


Our croquetas come in packages of 10 units  ( except the mixed flavors one- 8 units) and we have several flavors: 

- Manchego cheese 

-Idiazabal cheese

 - Cabrales cheese 

- Carabinero Red King Prawn

- Chorizo Iberico

- Jamon Iberico

 - Cod 

- Squid in ink

- Mixed flavors (that contains a mix with all the  flavors)


Conservas Yurrita is a family business founded in 1867. who generation after generation have dedicated themselves to the canned fish.

 They are located in the municipality of Mutriku (Guipúzcoa), a population with a great canning tradition and with a destination always linked to the sea. It was 1867 when the Yurrita family started producing and selling local fresh, salted and pickled fish. 

 After five generations and more than 150 years of history, Yurrita has become the oldest canning company in the Basque Country and one of the oldest food companies in Spain still active today.

 Yurrita products are hand packed and always based on high quality raw materials, making a gourmet family of products. 

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