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  • Happy Chinese New Year!
    abril 28, 2023

    Happy Chinese New Year!

    GONG XI FA CAI 龚喜财 WHAT IS CHINESE NEW YEAR? In ancient Chinese days, the appearance of the second new moon after the winter solstice and ending on the full moon fifteen days later (the period between the twenty-first of...

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  • Andalucia Day
    abril 28, 2023

    Andalucia Day

            FEBRUARY 28th ANDALUCIA DAY Celebrate with us! meet our premium ANDALusian products  On February 28, Andalusia Day is observed to commemorate the day of the referendum on the initiative of the Andalusian autonomy process in 1980, which...

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  • Blog Fallas y Paellas
    abril 28, 2023

    Blog Fallas y Paellas

    What is the Fallas in Spain? València's Fallas: Intangible Human Heritage The Falles (Valencian: Falles; Spanish: Fallas) is an annual tradition in Valencia, Spain, commemorating Saint Joseph. The five main days of celebration take place between 15 and 19 March,...

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  • Pairing Spanish Wine
    abril 4, 2023

    Pairing Spanish Wine

    PAIRING SPANISH WINE THE ART OF HARMONIOUSLY COMBINING FOOD WITH SPANISH WINE "TIO PEPE" FROM ANDALUCIA The Soul of Jerez Tío Pepe is a person, icon and especially wine. Wine 100% from Palomino Fino grapes, of biological aging and that...

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  • Antonio Romero Productos Espanoles, the new brand of ARC Iberico Imports, is Pentawards Finalist 2022.
    diciembre 28, 2022

    Antonio Romero Productos Espanoles, the new brand of ARC Iberico Imports, is Pentawards Finalist 2022.

    Antonio Romero Productos Españoles is the new brand of premium Spanish products developed by Antonio Romero Casado, President and Founder of ARC Iberico Imports and Jamoneria by ARC.

    The brand's strong personality is not only to be found in the quality of its products but also in the brand's look. Design, modernity, and cultural traditions are the ingredients to create an influential and recognizable look that has placed the Antonio Romero brand as a finalist for the 2022 Pentawards in the category “Best packaging brand identity projects”.

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  • Semana Santa in Spain
    abril 6, 2022

    Semana Santa in Spain

    Semana Santa Easter is one of the most important events of the year in Spain. This is a celebration to honour Jesus' ultimate sacrifice and spend time with your family.  What is Easter in Spain like? In Spain, Easter is...

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  • Tuna & Piquillo Peppers: 3 easy recipes
    junio 2, 2021

    Tuna & Piquillo Peppers: 3 easy recipes

    THE BEST DUO Red piquillo peppers and premium tuna is an amazing combination! You will no need nothing super fancy to create super tasty tapas with these duo. Here are some ideas TUNA AND PIQUILLO PEPPER EMPANADA You can use...

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