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ANTONIO ROMERO "Chorizo de Leon Picante" Spanish Spicy Chorizo from Leon - BBQ 500g

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ANTONIO ROMERO Productos Españoles is the new brand of premium Spanish products developed by Antonio Romero Casado, President, and Founder of ARC IBERICO IMPORTS and JAMONERIA by ARC.

Antonio has used his expertise in bringing the best Spanish products to the Canadian market with ARC IBERICO IMPORTS, to create a brand that represents his journey through the thousands of delicacies from Spain that he tasted and selected for you.

Chorizo ​​de León is a chorizo of excellent quality and a long tradition from the lands of the old Kingdom of León, which has lasted to this day being faithful to the essence of its success: quality of the raw material, careful preparation and the cold continental climate that “accompanies” the curing process.
There are many good varieties of chorizo ​​that are made in other regions of Spain but they all pay tribute to the Chorizo ​​from León, whose exquisite and exclusive flavor enjoys international fame and distribution.

"Chorizo de Leon Picante" from ANTONIO ROMERO, is a mixture of minced or chopped pork and pork fat, added salt, paprika and other spices, kneaded and stuffed into casings, where appropriate it has undergone a short maturation-drying process, with smoking red in colour and for its characteristic smell and flavour.


Keep refrigerated and do not freeze after thawing.


It bears its destiny in its name. The ideal product to share with friends around a good BBQ.



The 100% Natural Barbecue Chorizo does not contain gluten or artificial colours. Without Allergens and Without Additives. If you love Spicy, this chorizo will be your favourite.


500g of chorizo spicy- fort in vacuum packs.

*This product requires special packaging and expedited shipping as it is thermally challenged. PLEASE SELECT UPS EXPRESS or FEDEX EXPRESS as a shipping option on the checkout. We will pack it with a special thermal box and ice pack but we can not guarantee it will arrive 100% frozen at the destination.*