Picos & Reganas : The perfect match for your charcuterie

Picos & Reganas : The perfect match for your charcuterie


Picos y las regañás are the ideal pairing to many dishes of our gastronomy such as cheese or iberico charcuterie and wine pairing. 

 In fact, it is more than a simple accompaniment since between slice and slice, the “pico” clears the palate well and prepares it for a new one.  

The regañá —or regañada— 1 is a kind of hard and very thin bread cake, typical of Seville and originally from Alcalá de Guadaíra; its popularity has made it common in other areas of Andalusia and Spain. It has a similar texture to the picos. 


Some historians believe that it was discovered by pure chance, when the bakers of the time had more time than due the bread in the oven and observed that the outer areas were very crisp and tasty. So they began to make small sticks with the leftover bread dough, resulting in what we now know as “picos” 

The history of the bread sticks is very linked to the sailors. So much so that during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, it was known as ‘sea bread’ because it was an indispensable part of the supplies carried by ships that made transoceanic voyages to the American continent. This sea bread served a double function. On the one hand, it was a very nutritious food that provided the energy necessary to carry out the hard work in a 15th century ship, and also, its absence of humidity inside allows it to be preserved for long periods of time, something absolutely vital. 


But that is not all! The term ‘regañá’ - ‘scold’ comes from the ‘a regañadientes’ -‘reluctantly’ punishment to which many sailors were subjected when they violated any of the rules on board. These rebellious sailors fed only on these fine bread sticks hence their name.


They have been working for over 50 years of experience, running the business with three basic premises : top-quality raw materials;  traditional, artisanal production process; and constant innovation with the development of new products  They have introduced minimal industrialization. And only in a few steps. The rest have kept it as before. They use extra virgin olive oil, of the best quality, superior wheat and water that is as pure as possible. They have also eliminated all chemical preservatives from their products.


A family business that little by little has been developing and consolidating, setting its objective on the quality of its products. They only use top quality natural ingredients, Picual Oro Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with its health benefits is one of the most important, as well as sea salt. Another important note of the wonderful flavor comes of the way they made it: hand-made.

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