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Iberico Meat: All you need to know

Iberico Meat: All you need to know

Iberico Meat... What makes them so special

Iberian Pigs live free-range and exercise frequently. This way of living gives their meat exclusive properties.

Iberian meat is veined with intramuscular fat, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, and healthy as it helps to decrease cholesterol levels. This marbling texture is characteristic of all our cuts and that’s one of the reasons why these cuts are a true delicacy

Secreto Iberico also called Pork Side Belly is a cut from a secret spot between the shoulder, ribs, and fatback.   

One of Spain’s finest pork cuts, Secreto Iberico is ideal for barbecuing or roasting.  

Costillas Ibericas or Iberico Pork Side Ribs are from the top of the rib cage, near the spine.

They are actually a lean cut with lots of nutty touches. Coming from the Iberian pigs, these ribs have a marbling texture which gives the meat its juicy tenderness. 

Pluma Iberica or Pork Loin Rib Chop is a succulent cut from just behind the neck. The color is slightly darker than other pieces such as Secreto, but the marbling beauty characteristic of Iberian Fat remains.

This piece is perfect for BBQs, stews, and roasting. 

The presa  or Pork Shoulder Blade Boneless is from the shoulder of the pig, a part of the loin where it meets the shoulder blades. It is a thick cut, with a proportional, balanced marbling of fat that gives this piece its unique texture. 

The exterior can be seared on all sides for 10-15 minutes and the meat then be left to rest in a low oven for around a quarter of an hour to produce a tender, flavorsome meat.

Solomillo Iberico or Pork Tenderloin is known for being a clean cut of meat, with barely a hint of fat, is juicy and tender, with an intensely delicious flavor. It represents a simple, generous, and noble cut. 

Solomillo is one of the most popular cuts of the Iberico pig. Its natural characteristics make it highly versatile for any type of dish

Aguja Iberica or Pork Shoulder it is located at the end of the loin of the Iberian pig. This cut demands the attention of the cook due to its outstanding characteristics. This meat is tasty and tender, with a considerable content of infiltrated fat. It is versatile and easy to handle in the kitchen.

Buen provecho :)

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