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ANTONIO ROMERO "Paleta Ibérica de Cebo Deshuesada" Ibérico Grain-fed Pork Shoulder Ham 50% Ibérico Breed (Boneless)

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 ANTONIO ROMERO Productos Españoles is the new brand of premium Spanish products developed by Antonio Romero Casado, President, and Founder of ARC IBERICO IMPORTS and JAMONERIA by ARC.

Antonio has used his expertise in bringing the best Spanish products to the Canadian market with ARC Iberico Imports, to create a brand that represents his journey through the thousands of delicacies from Spain that he personally tasted and selected for you.

A brand that breathes quality and authenticity, an expert tradition in the process, and Antonio's passion to bring only the best Spanish product to you.

This product comes from raised pigs on a farm. The dark red meat is lightly marbled with fat, giving it a rich texture and an unmistakable flavor that will make your mouth water. Equally crucial for achieving this high-quality product is the drying and curing process. This completely natural process can last up to 24 months. During this time, the meat undergoes various physical and chemical changes.

In Spain, we called Ibérico shoulder ham- "paleta" obtained from the Iberian pigs' forelegs. Ham shoulder undergoes a similar curing process with the Ibérico ham (which is well-known as "jamón", from the back legs), but based on different cuts of pork they behave differently under the knife and on the tongue and has its distinct characteristics.


Unlike bone-in ham, a boneless Ibérico ham should be kept refrigerated because once the bone is removed, the curing process stops, and extra preservation is required. We recommend storing the boneless ham in an airtight container to prevent drying out

Any ham that is cut should be consumed immediately or wrapped in plastic paper to avoid contact with the air. We recommend that you cut only as much as you will consume.


Arrange the ham, slice by slice, on a flat plate with a few Squere Piquitos "Minutos" Spanish Crackers. Eating with your fingers is allowed. This is, in fact, the best way to eat ham. Or try it in one of the thousands of delicious Ibérico ham recipes.



Pork shoulder ham, salt, preservatives (sodium nitrite E-250 and potassium nitrate E-253), antioxidants, and sugar. 


Quarter piece weight is around 0.75-0.95g

Half piece weight around 1.1-1.5Kg

Whole piece weight around 2.8-3.7Kg

All pieces are delivered in a vacuum-packed box.